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Contributing to the Community and the Environment

    ENVIRONMENTAL Through its agreement and partnership with the Government of Canada, Alexco has invested more than $17 million to remediate historical health and wildlife hazards throughout the Keno Hill District and has reduced zinc release from the historical Galkeno 300 mine by 99.5%. This also includes the permanent removal of over half a million kilograms of zinc and other heavy metals pollution from water that continues to discharge from historical adits -- an effort which has resulted in a 75% reduction in the amount of zinc entering Christal Creek alone.

    HEALTH & SAFETY Social responsibility also includes paying close attention to the daily welfare of employees through extensive health and safety programs, providing intensive safety training for workers at site. Alexco makes promoting a corporate culture of safe working habits a high priority, and in 2012 received recognition from the PDAC and AME BC "Safe Day Every Day" program for working lost time accident-free in 2011. Alexco has also removed hazards such as open shafts and collapsing buildings to make Keno Hill a safer place for the public and tourists, and expects continued significant savings to taxpayers in the future as Alexco carries on its work at Keno Hill.

    COMMUNITY CONTRIBUTIONS "Giving back" isn't something Alexco does only as a philanthropic gesture; it's what the Company does wherever they live and work. Over the past five years, Alexco has contributed more than $53 million to the region via community donations and business contracts with Yukon-based vendors and suppliers. In an area that was experiencing a shortage of jobs just a few years ago, Alexco now provides work for more than 180 Canadian employees and contractors, with more than 50% of Alexco employees being Yukon residents. The operations at Keno Hill alone supply a $22 million annual payroll.

  • Over the past five years, Alexco has contributed more than $53 million to the region surrounding its Keno Hill Silver District property via business with Yukon, Canada-based vendors and through donations to community organizations.
  • Alexco has invested over $17 million to remediate historic health and wildlife hazards throughout the Keno Hill District and has reduced zinc release from the historic Galkeno 300 mine by 99.5%.
  • In an area that was desperately under-employed just a few years ago, we now provide work for more than 180 Canadian employees and contractors. More than 50% of our Yukon operations employees are Yukon residents, despite the remoteness of this location.
  • The majority of the residents in the communities surrounding our operation have been very supportive of the jobs, taxes and opportunities to the area.
  • The tiny population of Keno City has doubled since Alexco began its activities in the Keno Hill District.
  • New businesses have opened up in Keno City over the last 2 years since active mining operations commenced again.
  • According to the Health Impact Assessment, the statistics show there has been very little actual impact on health, noise, or dust in the area.
  • To get to where we are today, there have been extensive public hearings and rigorous, professional reviews of our project by a number of government agencies, with resulting standards set which we have met and exceeded by going beyond what has been required.
  • Alexco does not merely pay lip service to environmental values; our very business model is based on environmental remediation. A century of historical mining activity in the Keno area had resulted in wide scale contamination for which the federal government had nominal liability, but insufficient resources to fund remediation. Alexco entered into a partnership with the federal government, to design, execute and contribute to the cost of remediation of this large, contaminated district. All of Alexco's mining activities are conducted to the highest of environmental standards AND it is only due to our efforts and funding that remediation of the greater area is proceeding.
  • The YESAA (Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Act) and YESAB (Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Advisory Board) processes are not taken lightly or quickly, and their mandate is to study both environmental and socio-economic benefits and take the course that is the most beneficial to the most people as well as the environment. Yukon is a leader among Canadian jurisdictions in having a progressive statutorily mandated process under the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Act.
  • In following and even exceeding those standards, Alexco has been acting as a responsible, cooperative corporate citizen, while cleaning up the environment and providing hundreds of jobs.
  • Our Company supports this YESAA process. Every material initiative proposed by Alexco was submitted to the scrutiny of this process. Approved initiatives reflect that, through this process, YESAB is satisfied that the social and economic interests of all interested parties have been given due and balanced consideration.
  • We have made significant changes to our development plans to address community concerns including a new location for the new Onek mine decline and a realignment of the bypass road around Keno City. These changes came about from suggestions from community residents and ongoing consultation.
  • We have an extensive monitoring program in place including ground and surface water, noise and dust the results of which are reported to the regulatory agencies and are open to review by the public
  • In summary, Alexco took on an un-used, abandoned and contaminated site, invested millions of dollars to remediate historic contamination and built value while going above and beyond the requirements, paying special attention to the concerns of the majority of the surrounding communities.