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Environmental Reclamation Technologies

Alexco owns six patents and has additional US patents allowed and pending for the in-situ use of nutrients in earthen materials. Alexco's technologies and patents provide in-situ encapsulation technologies whereby soluble toxic metals including arsenic, zinc, selenium, nitrate are geochemically encapsulated by more benign minerals within the groundwater aquifer or within and downgradient of sources of contamination such as within a pit lake, tailings impoundment, heap leach pad or waste storage area.

Alexco is the industry leader for pit lake and underground mine pool treatment and our technologies and professionals have successfully treated billion gallon pit lakes for contaminants including selenium, zinc, uranium and nitrate.

Alexco's technologies have been successfully applied at numerous sites and locations and have demonstrated successful remediation for contaminants while at the same time unlocking property value and development opportunity that was previously restrained with environmental liability.

Alexco Patents

  • Patent 5,710,361: "In-Situ Treatment of Waste Stacks, Soils or Earth Materials to Immobilize Metals Contained Therein"
  • Patent 6,196,765: "Inhibiting Acid Mine Drainage by Displacing Oxygen in Rock Heap"
  • Patent 5,632,715: "In-Situ Immobilization of Metals In Waste Stacks and Waste Stack Affected Zones"
  • Patent 6,350,380: "In-Situ Immobilization of Metals In Density-Variant Water Bodies"
  • Patent 6,435,769: "Gas Phase Modifications" ... to inhibit acid rock drainage and to treat potentially mobile contaminants
  • Patent 7,011,756: "In-Situ Immobilization of Heavy Metals In Density-Variant Water Bodies" Pit Lakes and Underground Mine Pools

LIMITED LICENSE TO: US Patent 5,554,290: "Insitu Anaerobic Reactive Zone For InSitu Metals Precipitation And To Achieve Microbial Denitrification"

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